Meet Marcela

Hi, I'm Marcela

Hi! I’m Marcela Arenas and I’m so glad you’re here. I was born in Colombia and have lived in the United States for over 32 years. I am a bicultural, binational and bilingual immigrant. I love my roots and my traditions, but I also love this, my second homeland, and all that it has given me over the years.

Those who know me say that I am an unstoppable entrepreneurial force and that I am always in search of excellence.

My First Steps as an Entrepreneur

Since I was very young, I have been in an entrepreneurial environment. My father would invite us to work during school vacations, and that is where the passion for self-employment and the wonder of finding self-improvement and growth was born.

When I was in my early 20s, I was already managing a hotel and, at the same time, operating a gift store with my sister-in-law. After getting my bachelor’s degree in communications in Colombia, I resigned from the hotel, sold the gift store, and moved to the United States in pursuit of my dream of getting my Master’s degree in business.

My First 12 Years in the United States

In my first years in the United States, I opened my first calligraphy design business. I sold my creations at fairs and church events. When I was expecting my daughter Andrea, I had the opportunity to work for the Migrant Worker Division of the South Carolina Department of Labor doing translations for migrant workers. I fell in love with the world of translation and helped many immigrants bridge the communication gap!

To further specialize, I attended Georgia State University where I earned my translation certificate.

My Venture into the Corporate World

After 12 years of successfully working as a translator, I felt isolated and disconnected from the world. There was no such thing as social media. Hence, I offered my translation skills to the corporate world and became a translation and localization project manager at one of the largest banks in the world.

In 2003, I founded a translation and localization company in South Florida, which helped me understand how to do business in the US, manage vendors and meet the needs of clients. I sold the business in 2007 to a competitor and new skills were acquired.

My Biggest Dream Came True

I had a successful career, but my dream remained strong in my heart. I knew I had to make great sacrifices, such as working twice as hard, getting little sleep, and cutting back on my social life and time with my children. So, after 20 years and 10 days from the day I set foot in this country, I finally received my longed-for Master’s Degree in Business.

Woman of the Year

by Atlanta’s Mujer Magazine in Honor of Hispanic Excellence.

I am a true believer that

if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

My Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Since 2009, and through my various brands, I have been dedicated to creating personal and business “WOW” brands. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow in a sustainable and profitable way through accelerated coaching programs, resources, marketing strategies, platforms, and innovative and dynamic face-to-face and online seminars.

My biggest obsession is to help people and businesses find the Wow factor.

Facts about Marcela